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Note: "The components depicted in this picture are for information purposes and in some instances they may not be the actual component of the product being purchased"


Cornice Measuring OUTSIDE MOUNT



Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows we recommend adding 2-3" (1-1/2" each side) to this measurement to help eliminate light seepage. This is your ordering width.

Example: A cornice ordered as an outside mount", 36" wide will be made as 37 1/2" overall.


measure11Cornice Measuring INSIDE  MOUNT

Measure the inside width at the top of the window where the cornice is to be installed - measure in multiple spots to ensure accuracy. If there are any size variations, then use the smallest measurement - this is your ordering width. We will take a small deduction form ordering width to ensure a proper fit (approx 1/4").

Note: Inside mount cornices do not come with returns.