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Parasols Quality Characteristics
These are some of the reasons why our parasols are one of the best in the market:


  • Our Parasols are manufactured and assembled completely in the United States.
  • All our Parasols' fiberglass ribs and poles are manufactured by Shakespeare Inc.
  • Shakespeare was the first company to manufacture fiberglass products in 1897. Their technology in the fiberglass industry is unsurpassed and unequalled.
  • The Shade Designers' extruded fiberglass poles are approximately 1/8” thick and are made completely of fiberglass where our competition uses an aluminum pole with a decorative fiberglass shell.
  • All of The Shade Designers' hubs, end tips and yokes are made of a special heavy duty nylon for flexibility. All of our connections are glued to the fiberglass ribs with a formulated adhesive and specifically designed for fiberglass so it does not jeopardize the integrity of the fiberglass itself. The Shade Designers' competition stamps their connections onto the fiberglass ribs which creates a weak point, thus allowing for more possibility of breakage.
  • The Shade Designer's hardware as well as our pin and chain are made of marine grade stainless steel.
  • The Shade Designer's uses Docril awning grade fabric which is much stronger and more durable than furniture grade.
  • All of our parasol's pockets are double stitched with an inside reinforcement to prevent abrasion.
  • The Shade Designers offers a 5 year warranty on the umbrella frame and Docril fabric based on normal conditions of use.
  • The Shade Designers parasols are commercially designed to withstand up to 45mph winds when secured properly.
  • The Shade Designers offers a variety of fiberglass color options for the poles and ribs of all style parasols.
Fiberglass Ribs Flexing test
Parasols Pockets are double stitched
Hubs, end tips and yokes are made of a special heavy duty nylon for flexibility


What constitutes a green product: Products with exceptional durability or low maintenance requirements — These products are environmentally attractive because they need to be replaced less frequently, or their maintenance has very low impact. Sometimes, durability is a contributing factor to the green designation but not enough to distinguish the product as green on its own. This criterion is highly variable by product type. Included in this category are such products as fiber-cement siding, fiberglass windows, and various fiberglass products.

The Parasols we sell have lasted our consumers, on average, approximately 7 years.  We have attempted to contact our past customers after three years and five years to determine if they would like to reorder our Parasols. We warrant our Parasols for three years complete because of their durability and low maintenance and the only time that we have had to replace our Parasols during that period would be for vandalism of our product or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado.
 A majority of our customers usually reorder after the 7 year period and since our Parasols are quite durable, they often only replace the fabric and not the frame.
Our Parasols are manufactured  here in the United States and we try, in every way possible, to conserve energy and recycle.
We at The Shade Designers, understand the importance of trying to conserve energy, recycle and reuse products and eliminate waste. If we do not act now our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the beauty and fresh air that we experience today.  
Going Green is not something we should try to do, it should be a way of life for Americans and especially those too few companies manufacturing here in the United States.

Our Parasols provides a FIVE year warranty on all our Parasol s that have a fiberglass pole and frame with awning/ marine grade acrylic fabric. This warranty does not cover any Parasols  with furniture grade or texoline fabric or any Parasol with an aluminum pole with crank system.  
 All Our Parasols  must be closed in any type of windy conditions where constant wind gusts exceed 15 to 20 mph on average, unless the Parasol s are mounted directly to the ground with a deck plate or other type of in ground system.
The Shade Designers  recommends a 10lb weight rule per Parasol  width at a minimum for Parasol  bases. A nine foot Parasol  would require a 90lb base at minimum.
If the Parasol  is free standing, the consumer may want to consider a larger base to prevent toppling.  As with all conditions, remember to close the Parasol if they are not in use, because most damage is caused from the force of the Parasol hitting the floor and to leave the Parasol s open allows for unexpected conditions to arise and cause unnecessary damage.
The Shade Designers does not warrant any Parasol  that is damaged from acts of God such as severe weather and high winds, vandalism, misuse, neglect or improper installation.  All warranty claims are subject to prior inspection from an authorized representative from The Shade Designers.  Our Parasol s are designed to withstand as much as 40mph winds when mounted to deck plate, however we do not recommend any high wind conditions for open Parasols.